Green Little Cat

What Your Cat Does While You’re Away

Okay, this isn’t really a green post, but I found it immensely amusing so I thought I’d share it with you.  Plus, watch how I turn this into an eco-friendly topic!

A friend emailed me this tidbit published in the Globe and Mail:

In research sponsored by Friskies cat food, animal behaviour scientist Jill Villarreal gave 50 house cats collar cameras that took a photo every 15 minutes, Associated Press reports. Some of the leading ways the cats occupied themselves:

  • Looking out of windows– 22{456796300b989ac2391159a2df073ed1ad38074dfcdb28494d5d1df8ab5972d8} of the time
  • Interacting with other family pets – 12{456796300b989ac2391159a2df073ed1ad38074dfcdb28494d5d1df8ab5972d8}
  • Climbing on furniture – 8{456796300b989ac2391159a2df073ed1ad38074dfcdb28494d5d1df8ab5972d8}
  • Sleeping, looking at television or other media, hiding under tables – each 6{456796300b989ac2391159a2df073ed1ad38074dfcdb28494d5d1df8ab5972d8}
  • Playing with toys – 5{456796300b989ac2391159a2df073ed1ad38074dfcdb28494d5d1df8ab5972d8}
  • Eating or looking at food – 4{456796300b989ac2391159a2df073ed1ad38074dfcdb28494d5d1df8ab5972d8}

And, here’s how I’ll turn this into an environmentally-themed post.  Friskies is made by Purina, which may just well be one of the largest pet food manufacturers around.  I’ve taken a look at a variety of organic and natural pet foods (to read the posts, click the “Food” link in the top navigation bar – The Natural Cat Food Throwdown is a good post to start with) in terms of how green the manufacturers are.  BUT, I have yet to tackle the mainstream pet companies.  I’ll put it on my “to-do” list to inquire just what they are doing if anything to be more eco-friendly.