Green Little Cat

Trinket-Free Holiday Gift Idea for Cat Lovers

Last year, I wrote a post on the most un-eco-friendly cat products for 2009.  Not surprisingly, in my research, I found a plethora of crap available as gifts for cat lovers.  Just because someone loves cats, this doesn’t mean they love ugly cheap trinkets made in China.

I came across a great gift idea for cat lovers and pet lovers in general.  While the product itself is not green per se, the idea of giving a gift that someone will actually keep and cherish forever is.  So, what’s this great gift idea?  It’s a photo book from Mixbook.

Mixbook recently gave me the opportunity to review their photo books.  At first, I thought it was an odd item to offer to someone who writes a blog about eco-friendly ideas for CATS.  However, I’d always wanted to create a photo book of Furball and realized that there are probably a lot of other pet owners who’d love a personalized photo book of their pet.  So, I decided to give Mixbook a try and wanted to share my experience with you.

On the whole, I’d have to say I found the process of creating a Mixbook photo book to be a delight.  I don’t throw the word “delight” out easily. I’m a user experience designer by trade, so if a website doesn’t work well, I’m highly critical of it.  I’ve made photo books in the past and have used five or six different photo sites previously, so I was not expecting much.  I was genuinely surpised at how fun and easy it was to create a Mixbook.

Sometimes it’s overwhelming to get started, but Mixbook offers a wide selection of templates covering occasions and topics (including pets) to get you started.  Where other photo sites fall short, is that once you head down the template route, you’re stuck with whatever’s in the template.  Not so for Mixbook.  You can really mix it up.  Delete pages, pick from dozens of different layouts, change the background, add stickers, etc.  It’s like digital scrapbooking.  And the designs are fun and cute too!

So, if you’re stuck for a last minute gift for the cat lover in your life, consider a Mixbook.  They offer gift cards and most of their photo books are around $15 to $30.  If you’d like to make one for your own cat, Mixbook has a deal on their website for 25% off and delivery by the 24th.

If the holidays have you too busy to make a photo book now, Mixbook gave me a coupon code to save 20% off and there’s no expiration date on it.

To purchase a gift card, visit their website at:

The promo code to save 20% off is: GCATMIX20

Have fun and happy holidays!

P.S. I figure if they can turnaround a photo book and ship it to you in a few days, then it must be printed in the USA, so that’s eco-friendly.