Green Little Cat

Tree Hugging Cats

Just came across this microsite for Yesterday’s News cat litter.  Having worked in the Internet industry for over a decade, I’ve built my share of promotional sites for products.  I suppose Tree Hugging Cats is Purina’s attempt at creating a “viral” site to gain some street credence for Yesterday’s News recycled newspaper cat litter, as well as utilize “web 2.0 social networking” to promote their product.

I guess it must be working since I’m blogging about the site.  I have to admit it’s a darned good name for a site and the illustration of cats hugging trees is cute and did make me smile.  The site was offering a free coupon, but it seems that they’ve exceeded the limit of how many they wanted to distribute.  Oops.  Never mind, you can still buy an organic cotton Zazzle T-shirt with a silhouette of a cat on a tree antibiotics emblazoned on it…for only $25.95.

OK, time to set the cynicism aside.  My bias is to support local businesses.  However, many of these ma/pop shops have limited distribution.  So, if you live in an area with fewer options, Yesterday’s News recycled newspaper litter is one of your better choices.  Furball used this litter before it was bought out by Purina, but I continued using it because it was readily available and did a pretty good job of controlling odours.  After our move to the west coast, we switched to Cat Country organic wheat grass litter just because it was similar in texture and it was locally made from organic wheat grass.

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