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Tough Green Questions to Ask Manufacturers When Choosing a Natural Cat Food

Furball and family moved into our new home last weekend.  Now that Furball is mostly adjusted, it’s time for me to start researching which cat food to switch him to in order to help control his struvite crystals.  We had previously taken him to a Holistic Vet who recommended a high protein/minimal carb wet food diet.  She listed quite a number of different brands, so now it’s time for me to tackle the list and get more information from the manufacturers.

Here’s an email that I’m going to send to each manufacturer.  I’ve included some tough questions beyond the usual based on my previous research into organic cat foods.  I’m going to shortlist the foods based on the responses I get and I’ll post them up in a future blog entry.

If you’re thinking of switching your cat to a natural cat food, please feel free to use this email yourself and edit as needed.  I’d love to hear about what you learn so feel free to send me an email.  furball [AT]



Recently, [CAT FOOD BRAND HERE] was highly recommended to me.  I have been thinking about switching my cat to a new formula and would appreciate it if you could please answer a few questions about your product.  Not only am I very concerned about the quality of the ingredients, but I also am concerned about where my pet’s food is manufactured as well as how eco-friendly your business practices are.

[INCLUDE THIS PARAGRAPH IF IT’S ORGANIC FOOD] I would appreciate it if you could please tell me which governing anti fungal body certifies your food as organic as well as the general standards they require for organic certification.  What percentage of [SPECIFIC PRODUCT] is organic and if it’s not 100%, which ingredients are not organic and why not?

Could you please tell me where your product is is manufactured in terms of the ingredients and the processing?  Given the ongoing safety issues of overseas ingredients, I would prefer that the food I feed my pet is sourced and manufactured in [YOUR COUNTRY HERE]. This would greatly allay my concerns about safety as well as reduce the environmental impact of transporting pet food such a great distance. If your food is locally made, that’s amazing. If not, what is your company doing to move in this direction?  Are any of your products outsourced to other companies?  Are any made by Menu Foods?

Finally, I have been changing my purchasing habits to support businesses that implement sustainable practices and take a proactive approach to reducing their environmental impact. I was wondering what [PET FOOD MANUFACTURER] is doing to adopt greener business practices and support the local community.

As you know, switching a cat’s diet is not something to be taken lightly.  I am currently evaluating several different brands and will make a decision based on the answers I receive to my questions.  I look forward to your response.




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