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Tiki Cat Review — Furball Tries Out a New Natural Cat Food

Tiki Cat, manufactured by Petropics is a low grain, high protein cat food that was recommended by Furball’s vet to help control his struvite crystals.  Tiki Cat made it to Round 2 of the Natural Cat Food Throwdown where I researched six different natural cat foods to find out which was made by the greenest company.  Petropics was one of only two companies that seemed to genuinely care about the enviornment.

Now that the moment of truth has come, will Furball like the food?

When I opened the can of Makaha Luau flavoured Tiki Cat, I was immediately struck by how much it looked like a can of fish.  It looked pretty much like the tins of sardines and mackerel that I would buy at the grocery store, only there was a bit of red gelatin surrounding the fish.  I tentatively spooned out a 1/4 of the 2.8 oz can.  It really looked like human food.

My reaction startled me because I was expecting some sort of pate-like mush, but instead I was looking at fish.  I noticed that I felt uneasy feeding my cat straight fish and wondered why.  Had I been so conditioned by pet food erectile dysfunction manufacturers that it was difficult for me to trust cat food that looked like food?  Appallingly, the answer was, “yes”.

It was interesting to observe that I expected cat food to look unappetizing.  Also, I thought of all the times I heard, “Never feed your cat tuna from a can” and here I was staring straight at a can of fish.  Trusting my vet, I put a spoon of the food in Furball’s food and reduced his regular food slightly.  I placed his dish down in its usual spot and watched Furball’s reaction.

He LOVED it.  Normally, I can distract him a bit when he starts to eat by petting or brushing him.  Not this time!  Once he dove into the meal, I could not pry his head from the bowl.  Tiki Cat is a resounding hit with Furball.

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