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The Natural Cat Food Throwdown: Are Natural Balance and Solid Gold Scaredy Cats?

About 3 weeks ago, I contacted six natural cat food manufacturers to ask them about the greenness of their company and their foods.  I emailed them a number of tough questions such as where their ingredients were sourced, where the food was manufactured and whether Menu Foods made any of their products.

I’ve heard back from four of them.  I’ve posted the responses from Petropics and Nature’s Instinct.  Wellness sent me an email asking me to call them, which I’ll be doing later this week. Also, I found a response from Natura Pet Products which accidentally got filtered to spam, so I’ll be posting it shortly.

However, not a peep from the following cat food manufacturers:

  • Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods
  • Solid Gold, makers of Indigo Moon

Both had prominent “Contact Us” links on their websites and Natural Balance even had a fill-in form to submit your questions.  Why bother pretending to have customer service if you’re going to completely ignore your customers?

I made a point to write a very balanced email and not to come across as a rabid environmentalist.  I mentioned that I was thinking of switching cat food brands, and that I wanted to know more about their ingredients and their sleeping aids company.  Is that unreasonable?

In my opinion, if a company couldn’t be bothered to answer an email from a potential customer especially during a recession when people are cutting back on spending on premium products, how are they going to respond if there’s a safety recall or another pet food crisis similar to the Menu Foods scare in 2007?

I just assume that they really don’t have answers to whether their company has a green policy and that they really would prefer to not disclose where their ingredients come from or how they’re manufactured. Do I really want to be feeding my cat food from a company like that?

I was debating whether to call their customer service number or to simply declare them out of the Natural Cat Throwdown by default.  However, given the accidental spam incident with Natura Pet Products, I’ll give each of these other companies a second chance and see what they tell me over the phone. Stay tuned…

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