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Uber Cool Cat Furniture You Can Make

I might be a little late to the party, but I came across this awesome DIY cat scratcher on the Design*Sponge blog.  I love how it doesn’t look like a home made scratcher.  Instead, it looks like something out of a modern furniture design catalogue.

Besides the good looks, it’s also green.  Like a lot of the other eco-friendlier cat scratchers, Design*Sponge used recycled corrugated cardboard to make theirs.  Not only can your cat scratch, he or she can also sit on it.  It’s like a designer Kitty chair.  Detailed instructions for making your own cat scratcher, kitty pad, are posted on the Design*Sponge blog.  Check it out:

Videos on How to Make Cat Toys

I was randomly surfing YouTube and came across numerous instructional videos on how to make cat toys.  Who knew there were so many of these how-to videos out there?

A couple of the videos stood out because they were highly watchable and they also featured toys that followed in the spirit of my book, Make Your Own Cat Toys.  The toys were really easy to make with stuff you have around your home.  I haven’t tried making these myself as Furball’s toy box is already overflowing with homemade eco-friendly toys.

If your kitty needs a new plaything, why not give these a try?  The only thing that I wish erectile dysfunction these videos included were a few notes about safety.  The first toy is made from a plastic bag and the second from tin foil.  If your cat eats plastic or tin foil, then these toys are potential hazards.  The toys are also unsafe if your cat is able to bite off a shred.  Cats have small barbs on their tongues, which makes it impossible for them to spit things out, other than pills ;)!  That’s why so many small items are potential hazards and why you should always supervise your cat when playing with toys and put them away when he or she is finished.

How to Reuse an Old Cat Toy Wand – An Eco-Friendly Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a little black kitten named Furball.  He was a spoiled prince of a cat and he had quite the assortment of wand toys. Over time, this little black cat would tear the dangling toys to shreds or rip all of the feathers out of the end of the wand.  Eventually, all that was left, were some nubby gnawed ends and pathetic remnants of string on a stick.

Furball’s owner was eco-conscious so instead of throwing out the old wand toys, she kept them.  Eventually she had quite the compendium sitting in a box in the closet.  One day, she had a bright idea.  She took a wand and removed the chewed up toy from the end.  Then, she took a thick elastic band and wrapped it around the end.  Next, she tied a rope around another elastic band and wrapped that around the same end.

Ta da!  And the wands lived happily ever after as reused toys.

The moral of this story:

1) If your cat eats elastic bands or tries to eat them, don’t do this!

2) If not, you don’t need to throw out the cat toy wand.  Instead, you can reuse it. Take a couple of thick elastic bands like the ones wrapped around broccoli.  Wrap one around the end of the stick.  Tie a toy to some twine or rope.  Then tie the other end around the other elastic band.  Finally, wrap it around the end of the stick as well.

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