Winners of the Really Really Big Natural Cat Food Giveaway

Congrats to the winners of our Really Really Big Natural Cat Food Giveaway.  The prize was a variety pack of cat food from Natura Pet Products featuring their EVO, Innova and California Natural brands.

Congratulations to our winners:

1. Kitty and Piggles, AL

Kitty is a two year old, female, and enjoys playing with toilet paper tubes!  She’s a cat after my own heart as this is a great way to be green.  I’ve invented a couple of toilet paper roll toys for my book Make Your Own Cat Toys.  Piggles, as her name suggests, is a little pig and she LOVES to eat.  Sounds just like Furball!

2. Smoochie and Meeper, MO

Smoochie is an 8 year-old who will only drink water if it’s warm.  He sleeps on his Mommy’s cholesterol lowering pillow every night.  Meeper is 2 years old and got his name from the funny meeping-like noise he made as a kitten.

3. Blixa, CA

Blixa is a 5 year-old, black and white, long-haired, forest kind of cat. He makes his owners laugh because he meows A LOT and isn’t terribly graceful.  He was adopted, just like Furball!

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