The Ungreenest Cat Product of 2009!

I recently received a catalogue from Drs. Foster and Smith, one of the largest mail order companies for cat products. They’ve added a few more green products, but nothing to write home about. I’m not even sure how they got my mailing info since I’d never heard of them before getting their catalogues. It was easy enough to call them and get my name removed.

Anyhow, while flipping through the pages, it occurred to me that there were quite a number of very ungreen products for cats, so I decided to have a little fun for the end of the year and post what I thought were the least eco-friendly cat products and ask you to vote for the winner of the “Ungreenest Cat Product of 2009”.

Products were selected completely subjectively with no research whatsoever into the manufacturing process. I just went with what seemed rather useless for a cat or used a lot of materials. Vote for your “favourite” using the poll at the bottom of this post.

Also, I’d love to hear from you about what you consider to be ungreen. Please send your nominations for a future poll to furball [AT]

And the nominees for 2009 are…

1. Play-N-Squeak Whack Attack


Indoor cats can stalk and pounce and engage their natural predatory instincts in a healthy way. Its also let cats engage in solitary play, which provides mental stimulation and needed exercise. The bouncy mouse promotes hours of frolic and fun.

I chose this one because I bought a pom-pom on a spring toy for Furball when he was a kitten. He swatted it once, found it really boring and never touched it again. This looks like it functions along the same lines, only chunkier with more carpet and material. I wonder if the cat has been Photoshopped into the picture.

2. Pawprint Ornaments


Festive resin ornaments with clever cat sentiments show your love for your feline friends. Perfect for your holiday tree, or as a gift for cat lovers on your list. Includes red hanging ribbon.

I enjoy Christmas as much as anyone, and have purchased ornaments for the family tree.  But this one is aesthetically-challenged.  No surprise it’s on sale now.

3. Memorial Stone


Use as a stepping-stone in your yard or garden, or use the attached hanger to display on your wall or an outdoor fence.

I have experienced the passing of a beloved cat, but this is not what I would choose to honour their memory.  This “stepping-stone” also weighs about 5 lbs.


4. Kitty Hoots Bobber Toy


A single paw swipe sends this cat toy bobbing erratically. Weighted plastic cat face won’t tip, no matter how hard your cat swats and bats. Spring steel “hook” and dangling catnip-scented Mouse Lure entice kitty to pounce relentlessly.

My well-meaning brother bought a similar toy for Furball.  The large plastic base scared him a bit and the bobbing action was too tame to interest him.  Lots of material for low play-value.