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How to Stop Your Cat from Vomiting Due to Stress

Jackson-Galaxy-Happy-TummyThe only thing worse than a vomiting cat is the sleep you lose during the night. Cats seem particularly susceptible to upset tummies, especially when they’re stressed. At first, it may appear that there’s no reason for the vomiting and sensitive digestion.

Nothing’s changed. Kitty’s food is exactly the same as yesterday. But now your kitty has an upset tummy and is vomiting. What’s can you do to stop your cat or cats from vomiting?

If your cat is sick for more than one day, it’s a good idea to take her to the vet. But often the vet may not have any answers, and your kitty quickly recovers. Some cats will get the same digestive issues over and over again, and experience recurring bouts of vomiting.

If you’re looking for ways to stop your cat from vomiting due to stress, then the Jackson Galaxy Happy Tummy solution may ease your cat’s upset stomach. This tummy formula contains natural herbs that help reduce stress and clear toxins. )By the way, you can also use this herbal solution to help stop vomiting in dogs too.) The herbs in the formula are designed to soothe your pet’s digestive problems if the vomiting is related to stress.

The Jackson Galaxy Happy Tummy formula is a natural solution that helps calm your cat and also address chronic diseases of the digestive system including colitis, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, and other stomach and bowel problems. It’s especially formulated to target diseases that have an emotional component and involve the accumulation of energetic toxins, which is a holistic approach to wellness.

Ingredients include Gentian, Oak, Olive, Canyon Dudleya, Cat’s Claw, Self-Heal, Sagebrush, Chiton, Diatoms, Pink Seaweed, Sea Lettuce, Staghorn Algae, Grecian Shoemaker, Rose of Sharon, Lotus, Noni, and other natural herbs.

If your cat has chronic digestive issues, you should seek proper veterinary care, adjust your cat’s diet as recommended by the vet, and be sure to provide plenty of fresh water. The main concern with vomiting cats is to keep them well-hydrated and eating, otherwise, they can get fatty liver disease which leads to liver failure.

The sooner you treat your pet, the faster they’ll get better, and then they’ll be more likely to start eating and drinking water again. Your vet can advise you if the Happy Tummy remedy is safe to be taken if your cat is prescribed other medications.

If you’ve given medicine to your cat before, you know how challenging it can be, especially tablets and pills. Fortunately, this herbal formula is easy to give your cat. It comes with an eyedropper that can be used to hygienically pick up drops from the bottle, and then easily dispense them into your cat’s mouth.

Some cat owners place a few drops of the formula into their cat’s water bowl on a daily basis to help prevent tummy problems. You can also use the formula as an aromatherapy treatment by rubbing onto your cat’s mouth or spraying it onto their bed.

In addition to helping to stop your cat from vomiting, relieving stress in cats, supporting your cat’s digestive health, Jackson Galaxy Happy Tummy Formula may also help with reducing poop accidents outside of the box, and also help cats who have diarrhea.

If you’re tired of cleaning up cat vomit and your vet says the vomiting is due to stress, then you may want to try this natural solution for your cat’s vomiting and digestive problems. The Jackson Galaxy Solutions Happy Tummy Formula can help your cat feel better faster, and soon you’ll be feeling better and less stressed too!

While the product’s not cheap (check Amazon for the latest prices), you won’t need a prescription to buy it, and it’s consistently priced with other medications and herbal formulas for cat digestive health and to stop cats from vomiting. Compared to a visit to the vet, which is super stressful for your cat, the Happy Tummy formula is very reasonably priced and worth trying for cats who regularly vomit due to stress and sensitive digestion.