Green Little Cat

Something Smells Funny and It’s Not the Cat Litter

I’d been meaning to write a post about switching to a new eco-friendly cat litter.  Several months ago, Purr & Simple PR contacted me and offered a bag of their litter for me to try.  I often get offered eco-friendly cat litter to review, but most times, I don’t bother because as you know, cats don’t like change.

Furball is no exception to this rule.  The last time I tried mucking with his litter, he proceeded to poop on the stairs leading to the garage. Lesson learned.

However, Purr & Simple’s promise of twice the odor control was enough to entice me into trying it.  And it worked!  It really did reduce the stink factor.  Enough so that I went through a 3-week process slowly transitioning Furball to the new litter.

It was awesome.  I loved it.  And then, a few months later, when we ran out, I gave my husband an errand to pick up more litter on his way home from work.  And then, HORROR struck!

The store no longer carried it!  The only information the storekeeper had was that another company had bought Purr and Simple and that the distribution was halted.

So, I couldn’t help but feel like I’d been had.  I just went through the onerous process of changing litter, found what I considered to be the awesomest cat litter, and then, BAM.  It was taken off the shelves.

What was I to do?  Well, I went back to my previous pet store and bought Cat Country, the organic wheatgrass litter Furball used to use.  While at the store, I noticed that they had Feline Pine for an unbelievably low price.  So I bought a bag of that too.  I’m still using up the last bag of Purr & Simple and when that’s done, I’m planning to try out the Feline Pine because I’ve heard it’s really good for odor control too.

And that would have been the end of the story, EXCEPT…

A few days ago, one of my readers wrote in to tell me that she had recently read my post asking people about their experiences with Purr & Simple.  She kindly shared how the clumping formula was the best she’d ever tried.  And then she let me know that Purr and Simple had been bought out and was now being sold as Blue Naturally Fresh cat litter.

I read that and was delighted.  I was totally planning to ask for her permission to republish what she had written verbatim.  BUT THEN…

Tonight, I just got another email from another reader.  And she said basically almost the same thing as the first person.  Of course, she pointed out a few other key selling points of the litter.  And then concluded, almost verbatim to the first email, how Purr & Simple had been bought out and was now repackaged as Blue Naturally Fresh cat litter.  COINCIDENCE?

Hmm, even the subject headers were the same.

Blue Buffalo, I would have preferred that you had simply written to me directly.  I was already a fan of the product.