Green Little Cat

So, Did the Cats Like the Dehydrated Raw Cat Food?

In February, I hosted a giveaway for Prowl natural dehydrated raw cat food.  Prowl is a natural grain-free cat food that’s high in protein and contains only 9 ingredients plus added vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the Honest Kitchen, makers of Prowl, several lucky readers won a sample of Prowl cat food.

I asked some of the winners for feedback to find out what their cats though of the food.  Here’s what they had to say:

Here’s Niji from Florida

ProwlWinnerNiji’s owner reported, “After coming home that night, I saw that she had left some food but had eaten most of it. She used to be a strictly dry kibble only girl, so with a little transition she’d more than likely do fine.”

And another winner from New York had this to say, “My boy cat inhaled the Prowl sample but the girl  didn’t seem too interested – she’s pretty picky to begin with and was probably expecting her usual wet food in the morning. My boy cat had left a tiny bit in the bowl so I saved it for later in the day and I did catch the girl cat taking a few bites here and there.”