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Rah Rah Raw! – Learn About Raw Food Diets for Cats

Despite the title of this post, I’m actually neutral about raw meat anti anxiety diets for cats as I haven’t actually tried it. About the time I heard about a convenient way to feed Furball raw food (see post on The Honest Kitchen), it was no longer an option since I had a baby. It’s pretty disturbing when your child reaches under the TV stand and triumphantly raises his hand up in the air with a piece of cat litter held perfectly between his forefinger and thumb. I certainly don’t want to see him picking up raw cat food too.

Nevertheless, I’ve heard from people who swear by raw meat diets for their cats, citing that it’s much more natural and it helped their cats overcome a slew of health problems.

If you are interested in learning more, The Conscious Cat is hosting a free teleseminar on feline nutrition. Margaret Gates, the Executive Director of the Feline Nutrition Education Society, will talk about the Benefits of a Raw Diet for Cats and answer questions about feline nutrition in general and raw feeding in particular.

Time and Date: Thursday, July 22, at 8pm Eastern Daylight Time

The seminar is free, but long distance phone charges may apply. To participate in the conference, dial 1-712-432-3100. When prompted, enter conference code 674470.