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Organic Cat Toy by Purrfect Play is Cat Toy Crack

Image: From Purrfect Play website
Image: From Purrfect Play website

I apologize if the crude colloquialism offends you, but there is no other way to describe how much Furball enjoys the Chubby Snake from Purrfect Play.  He was dozing when I introduced it to him, but all it took was one whiff of the robust catnip scent before he was wide-eyed and alert and ready to play.

I tossed him the Chubby Snake and he proceeded to go berserk, wrestling and tussling and biting the hell out of the toy. He even let out a few snorts – he was that excited.  After several minutes of active wrestling, he settled down to contentedly lick and drool all over the Chubby Snake.  The floor was covered in cat drool, which is when we gave the Snake a new moniker, “The Crack Toy.”

Furball was so enamored with the Chubby Snake that my husband had to distract him while I surreptitiously grabbed it and hid it in the garage.  Good thing Purrfect Play makes a replaceable cover for the cat nip core as I have a feeling that this will be one of Furball’s favourite toys.  After I took away the Chubby Snake, I gave him a Wooly Dust Bunny which looks a bit like a pom pom made from organic wool.  He chased that around the room and had a great time amusing himself.

Purrfect Play is a small company based out of the Midwest. They’re dedicated to producing pet products crafted exclusively from organic, chemical free, and fair-trade materials. To quote Head Honcho, Pat Wheelock, “When you buy one of our products you can be sure it was made with dedication and love.”

Ms. Wheelock was kind enough to send us a selection of toys for Furball to review and it’s clear from examining them that they were definitely crafted with love.  Before sending the toys to us, she took the time to ask how old Furball is, how much he weighed and whether he likes catnip.  As the author of Make Your Own Cat Toys, I’ve invented dozens of cat toys myself, and I appreciated the thought process behind her questions.  Ms. Wheelock’s questions were those that only a true cat lover would take the time to ask.

You may be wondering why the author of a cat toy book who advocates making your own cat toys to reduce your cat’s environmental impact would consider “outside” toys.  I did give this some thought when Ms. Wheelock made her offer.  However, when I read more about Purrfect Play (, I was really impressed with their business philosphy and the quality of their products.

The toys are very simple looking to the human eye, but from a cat perspective, they look like a world of fun.  As well, Purrfect Play only uses fair trade materials, dye-free organic fabrics and organic leaf catnip to make their toys.  The toys are locally made in Indiana and 5{456796300b989ac2391159a2df073ed1ad38074dfcdb28494d5d1df8ab5972d8} of sales are donated to no-kill and rescue organizations.  The toys are great for the green advocate in me, but Furball’s the one who really gave them the greenlight.  He LOVED them.

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