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Does Your Cat Vomit Every Day? Here’s a Natural Remedy Tummy Soother

Have you ever noticed that cats have sensitive digestion? Often there’s no reason for it. You did nothing different that day, your kitty eats the exact same foods. Yet, now your kitty has an upset tummy and is vomiting or throwing up a hairball.

It’s important to take your cat to the vet if she’s sick, but often the vet has no answers, and may say that the vomiting is due to stress. If you’re looking for a natural solution that helps with upset tummies, or you’re cat vomiting due to stress, one way to help soothe your cat’s digestion is the Jackson Galaxy Happy Tummy Formula.

The Jackson Galaxy Tummy Formula is designed to ease your cat’s upset stomach with natural herbs for vomiting and other digestive issues. This formula also provides holistic wellness for your cat by helping to relieve stress, so it’s a great natural solution for those times when your cat has an upset stomach because she’s feeling upset.

Jackson Galaxy’s Happy Tummy herbal formula is easy to give to cats because it comes with an eyedropper so that you can easily dispense a few drops into your cat’s food.

You can also rub it into your kitty’s fur. Some cat owners like to place a few drops into their cat’s water bowl on a daily basis for general health and well-being. If your cat likes the taste of herbs, she can lick it off your finger. You can also get the optional spray top to spray the formula.

For my cat Furball, I placed about three drops in his water bowl, following the directions on the bottle. I noticed he stopped to sniff the water after doing this and seemed a bit hesitant to drink the water. However, after a few seconds of hesitation, he started lapping up the water.

Interestingly, he was coughing up some hair and spit every morning for a few weeks. But after the drops went in his water (did this twice), he stopped barfing up hairballs. While it’s too early to declare that the formula works for sure, the early results look very promising.

The natural herbs in the Happy Tummy formula are designed to soothe a cat’s tummy, as well as help them destress. According to the product description, the Tummy formula is good for chronic diseases, such as colitis, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease and other stomach issues that may be due to emotional upset and the accumulation of energetic toxins. 

The Happy Tummy formula can be used as part of a complete healthcare program for your cat. But if your cat suffers from chronic issues, be sure to seek proper veterinary care, and check to see if the herbal remedy is safe to be taken with other cat medications.

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If you’re tired of cleaning up cat hairballs every day and you want to support your cat’s digestive and emotional health, then you may want to try the Jackson Galaxy Solutions Happy Tummy Formula. It may help your cat feel better and less stressed, and when your cat is happy, you’ll also feel better! In addition to the Tummy Formula, Jackson Galaxy has a line of different herbal formulas. Check out the variety of Jackson Galaxy formulas on Amazon.