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Litter Liners — Can They Ever Be Green?

Imperial Cat, makers of earth-friendly cat scratchers, recently announced their new line of “Neat ‘n Tidy” sifting litter liners. According to a recent press release, the Neat ‘n Tidy includes 28 perforated liners – about a month’s supply for daily changes – that neatly stack inside the litter pan.

linersYou’re directed to pour your favourite clumping litter on top of the liners and instead of scooping, you lift up the top liner and the clean litter passes through the slots. So, what happens to the used litter? Well, you’re supposed to toss it out with the liner.

I love Imperial Cat’s cat scratchers. And I love their program for shelter cats, but I have to say the jury’s out on the litter liners. They claim that using the liners can extend the life of your mans health litter by 50{456796300b989ac2391159a2df073ed1ad38074dfcdb28494d5d1df8ab5972d8}.

If that’s true, then you might be able to consider the litter liners are eco-friendly, especially when you factor in how many hundreds of pounds of clumping litter many cats use over the course of a year. And if it’s regular clumping clay cat litter, then reducing usage by 50{456796300b989ac2391159a2df073ed1ad38074dfcdb28494d5d1df8ab5972d8} is a boon for the environment. And here’s why you should switch from clay litter to eco-friendly cat litter.

Maybe these liners have their place in multi-cat households or animal shelters, where scoop, dump and wash just isn’t practical. I’d love to hear from you. We’re on Facebook and Twitter @greenlittlecat.

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I still advocate that self-scooping, a teeny weeny bit of elbow grease and eco-friendly litter are the best way to go.