Green Little Cat

Just for Fun Cat Facts and Interesting Tidbits on Cat Health

Every so often, something fun lands in my inbox that I can’t resist sharing. A few weeks ago, I received this cute Cat Anatomy illustration full of interesting cat facts and fun trivia on cat health.

I couldn’t fit the full size graphic on my blog, but I did cut out a this fun drawing to share with you. The Cat Anatomy graphics were created by Matt Beswick for Pet365 and he’s given his blessings to share them with Green Little Cat readers.

You’ll learn some really cool cat facts such as how many mice make up one cat meal. And this cheery infographic also gives some interesting comparisons between cats and humans. We all know how much better a cat’s hearing is than a human’s, but exactly how much better can a cat hear? Did you know there’s one sense where humans reign supreme? It might just surprise you to learn which it is since cats are so finicky about their food. That’s a hint!

More fun cat facts include, just how many cat years equal one human year? When you find out, you’ll gain insight into your cat’s life expectancy. And where on earth do the most cats live? There are also some fun tidbits on cat health like what’s good to feed your cat and what’s not. To read these and more fascinating cat facts, visit the Pet365 blog.

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