Green Little Cat

June is Adopt-A-Cat Month

According to the American Humane Society, approximately 4 million cats are rescued by animal shelters each year. We all know that not all of them find homes, so if you’re considering getting a cat, why not visit your local animal shelter? If you’ve already got a kitty who keeps you busy, take a moment and consider how you might be able to help out. It can be as simple as donating old towels to your local shelter, giving a few dollars or even helping to spread the word about an animal up for adoption.

AngelsWishAuctionIn support of Adopt-A-Cat month, I’ll be featuring a few opportunities for readers to support an animal shelter in an eco-friendly way. Today’s featured shelter is Angel’s Wish.

Angel’s Wish is an all-volunteer shelter, dedicated to reducing animal overpopulation, rehoming companion animals, and raising awareness of animal welfare issues in South Central Wisconsin. I did a feature on them about a year ago to share what they were doing to be eco-friendly. While they don’t have the resources of some of the high profile shelters, they still found some great ways to be green. Read the post here.

How You Can Help

Angel’s Wish is holding their annual fundraising auction during the month of June.  Check it out and you might pick up a deal or two while also supporting this great cause.   At the very least, please help spread the word about the auction.  Thank you!

>> Visit the Angel’s Wish online auction