Green Little Cat

To Readers of Green Little Cat – Thanks!

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for your readership and support.  It’s been very encouraging to see more and more people visiting the site.  I hope I’ve been able to provide useful information to help your cat be just a little bit greener.

I’ve been travelling a lot this month, so I haven’t had much time to write.  However, I promise there will be a slew of new posts on all sorts of interesting things I’ve come across, once things settle down.  Stay tuned for the best natural hardwood flooring for cats, reports on natural food to control struvite crystals, some new developments in eco-friendly cat litter, and more!.

In the meantime, here are some green tips from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley on how to go green with your pet.  (Reprinted with permission from the HSSV).

  1. Adopt from Humane Society Silicon Valley, a shelter or rescue group.
  2. Spay or neuter your animal to reduce overpopulation.
  3. Buy pet products made with organic or recycled materials.
  4. Use cat litter brands made from plant-based materials like wheat, recycled newspaper or
    wood chips.
  5. Purchase products made closer to home to help lower the CO2 output of shipping
  6. Buy sustainable and durable products that can be reused and lower your replacement
  7. Feed your pet food and treats that are organic or have all-natural ingredients.
  8. Use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning supplies.
  9. Use biodegradable waste bags for your dog.
  10. Compost used rabbit litter.
  11. Recycle boxes by allowing rabbits to chew and play in their quarters.
  12. When it is bath time, use organic or natural products that don’t have a chemical base.
  13. Buy hemp collars and leashes. Nylon is made of petroleum, which is a diminishing
    natural resource.
  14. At playtime, make sure your pet’s toys are made with organic cotton or natural dyes.
    Many toys actually have pesticides in the and can cause pet allergies.
  15. Donate old blankets and towels to the Humane Society.