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Good News for Snow Leopards

Good news for Siberian snow leopards! A recent survey by the environmental group, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), has found that the population of Altai snow leopards has been holding steady for the past three years.

This wild cat is one of the most endangered animals in the world. WWF’s recent survey identified 65 leopards living in the remote mountains in Siberia.

While 65 animals might not seem like a lot, the population has been slowly growing over the past decade. And with the recent survey confirming that the population has been stable over the past three years, it means that poachers and climate change haven’t significantly impacted the cat.

WWF is teaming up with local residents, including former poachers to protect the Altai snow leopards. They’re using high tech camera “traps to capture stunning images of the cats.

As more and more people see how beautiful these animals are, this will continue to raise awareness and sway public opinion to protect these beautiful felines.

To help support WWF’s conservation efforts, you can adopt a snow leopard on the their website. It’s a unique gift. In addition to “adoption” papers, you’ll also receive a plushie snow leopard as part of WWF’s snow leopard adoption kit.