Green Little Cat

Furball’s Cat Toilet Training – Day 8

IMG_5636This morning I awoke to find a stool sitting on top of the CitiKitty toilet training tray.  Who knew the day would come when I’d be happy to see a cat turd?

The day before, I had some concerns because Furball seemed like he was holding onto #2 instead of using the litter pan on the toilet.  I was happy that he did #1 twice in the tray yesterday, but #2 was a day overdue.   Although I was concerned that Mr. Poo had not made his appearance, I was glad about the pee.  Poo can be picked up and thrown out.  The floor can be wiped and cleaned.  Everyone knows cat pee is a different story.

I was expecting a much greater mess when I decided to undertake the process of toilet training my cat.  Based on some of the feedback on Amazon for CitiKitty and Litter Kwitter, I was expecting to find litter, urine and feces strewn all over the bathroom.  As you can see from the graphic photo, it’s not so bad.  The little bits on the floor that you can barely see are bits of litter.  Maybe not any messier than usual.

Sorry about posting a pic of my cat’s stools, but I figure one of the greatest hesitations people have in deciding whether to toilet train their cat is fear of the unknown.  You just don’t know what to expect.  Granted, every cat is different, but if you follow this story, you’ll at least see one cat’s journey photo by photo with wonderful commentary from the peanut gallery.