Green Little Cat

Furball’s Cat Toilet Training – Day 5

On Day 4, I was going to move Furball’s CitiKitty litter pan onto the toilet.  I lifted up the toilet seat, placed the tray on the bowl and lowered the seat back down on it.  Then I picked up Furball and placed him on the seat to show him where his new “litter box” had relocated to.

As his paws skidded on the seat, I realized I’d have to go back a step.  Our toilet seat is the “French curve” style where it slopes gently inwards.  Personally I hate it, but that’s what the house came with and it was brand new so it didn’t make sense to get rid of it.  Why would you want your butt to slide into the toilet?

I’d seen Furball balancing delicately on the seat before, but I figured with the cat toilet training, it would be hard for him to stand on the sloping seat and squat over the tray.  If you’re going to toilet train your cat, why set them up for failure?

I put the CitiKitty tray back to the spot beside the toilet and left it there for another day.  On Day 5, I finally got around to swapping the French curve seat with the flat seat in the upstairs bathroom.  Who knew it was so hard to align a toilet seat perfectly over the bowl?

I did learn why some toilet seats slide around on the bowl.  The screws are loose.  Flip up the caps by the seat hinges, and use a large flathead screwdriver to tighten the screws.  Reach behind the bowl and under the screws to find the bolts.  Hold onto them while you tighten the screws.