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Feline Pine Clumping Cat Litter Review and How to Get a Box for Free

Feline Pine Clumping Cat Litter ReviewIf you’ve been thinking of trying Feline Pine Clumping Cat Litter, here’s a review of the litter as well as instructions on how to get a box for free.

In June of this year, Feline Pine launched a new and improved clumping formula. They’ve been actively promoting the new product and even sent a comp box for us to try at the Green Little Cat household. Since Furball was already using Feline Pine’s pellet cat litter, we took them up on the offer as I’m always on the prowl for the ultimate eco-friendly cat litter.

Overall, I’d give it an 8/10 for an eco-friendly litter and here are the pros and cons for my review.


  • It’s much better than most natural cat litters in terms of odor control.
  • My cat is finally burying his poop. Furball seems to be really enjoying the texture.
  • Feline Pine Clumping Cat Litter seems to last forever. The crumbly texture migraine easily passes through the scoop so that I don’t toss out new litter when cleaning the box.


  • With regards to the clumping factor, I’d give it a 6/10. The litter sticks together like tempura batter to fish. Pee makes it come together, but it doesn’t hold tightly. A slight shake of the scoop causes the clump to break up.
  • It’s a bit pricey, but it seems to last a really long time.
  • The pellet version of Feline Pine does a better job of odor control.

How to Get Feline Pine Clumping Cat Litter for Free

Visit their website for a rebate form. It’s good for any purchase of the 9 lb or 14 lb box (up to $14.99 value) from December 15, 2011 until December 31, 2012. To claim your rebate on Feline Pine Clumping Cat Litter, you do need to get the form and have it in the mail by January 15, 2013.