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EVO Natural Cat Food Review

EVO cat food is made by Natura Pet Products. It’s a high protein, low carb and grain free natural cat food, which was recommended by Furball’s vet to help control his struvite crystals. EVO cat food made it to the taste test round of the Natural Cat Throwdown. In Round 1, I researched six different natural cat foods from a green perspective and only the manufacturers with a genuine interest in sustainable business practices made it to the next round. Of the companies I contacted, Natura Pet Products and Petropics (makers of Tiki Cat) were the only ones that seemed genuinely eco-friendly.

From my previous review of Tiki Cat, I was surprised when I opened the can of cat food and found it looked like a can of fish. EVO, however, appeared as I expected. It was a pinkish-brownish, uniform pate of wet cat food. As I always introduce cat food gradually to avoid digestive issues, I gave Furball about 1/8 of a can of the chicken and turkey flavoured cat food.

I wasn’t sure if he would like it because in general, he’s not a big fan of the poultry flavours, especially turkey. I watched expectantly and sure enough, he chowed it down without hesitation. Day 1 went by without incident, so I fed it to him again, increasing the quantity slightly. He seems to be happy with the food and once EVO is fully introduced in his diet, I’ll report back on how he does on it. Right now, it looks like I’ll be alternating between Tiki Cat’s fish flavours and EVO’s poultry flavoured natural cat food.


On Day 3, I upped the quantity to 1/4 can and Furball rewarded me by barfing the next morning.  I reduced the amount back to 1/8 of a can and waited a week before increasing to 1/4.  Fortunately, we’ve had no issues since.  So, remember if you’re switching your cat’s food, you have to do it SLOWLY AND GRADUALLY.  Go even slower than you think you need to.  It’s better for your cat and better for your carpets.

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