Green Little Cat

Eco-Friendly Cat Scratching Posts Branch Out in a Different Direction

eco-friendly cat scratching postMountain Cat Trees takes a different and novel approach to creating eco-friendly cat scratchers.  Based out of the North Quabbin region of Central Massachusetts, this company eschews the typical carpet and wood composite inputs, and instead uses real trees to create natural looking cat trees that are simple and eco-friendly.

Scratchers from Mountain Cat Trees are made using only natural untreated wood and sisal rope. The vertical posts are real trees with the bark removed. I find it rather ironic that a scratcher made from a real tree is the exception as opposed to the norm ;).  The scratching posts are eco-friendly because:

  • They’re made without carpet or synthetic materials using all wood construction
  • The trees are harvested locally using sustainable practices
  • The scratchers are 95{456796300b989ac2391159a2df073ed1ad38074dfcdb28494d5d1df8ab5972d8} biodegradable

I asked Rebecca Mountain (yes, that’s really her name!) of Mountain Cat Trees what her inspiration was to start her business.  Here’s what she had to say:

“While living in the Chicago area years ago, I became involved with a not-for-profit group that was committed to helping curb the overpopulation of feral (wild) cats living in neighborhoods in the area. As part of our efforts we would catch the young kittens in these colonies, socialize them, have them vet checked, and adopted them out to caring, responsible homes.

It was during this time while fostering kittens in my home that I found the need for the kittens to have a scratching post and place to lay by the window. I was not pleased with the carpeted ‘kitty condos’ at the pet store. My experience with them was one of shedding carpet fibers, and an endless battle of trying to vacuum off cat hair. They soon became unsightly behemoths that eventually ended up in a landfill. I decided to make my own cat tree and was determined to create one that was fun and appealing to the cats, attractive in my living room and easy on the environment. A few years later Mountain Cat Trees was born.”

Rebecca has four cats that test each new product design.  A new design must pass their scrutinizing evaluation before going into production, so you can be assured that Mountain Cat Trees’ cat trees get the kitty stamp of approval!

To learn more or to find out where you can purchase Mountain Cat Trees products, please visit their website at