Green Little Cat

Day 9: Three Quick Eco-friendly Cat Food Tips — The 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

Today’s post is short and sweet and EASY :). If it’s not really feasible to change your cat’s food to a more eco-friendly option, here are three quick and simple tips:

  1. If your cat eats canned food, recycle the tins. This small act can help divert millions of empty cans from landfill sites.
  2. Buy the larger sized bag of cat food because it will use slightly less packaging than two smaller bags with the same amount of food. Pour about a week’s worth of food into a reusable container (I use a yoghurt tub for Furball) and scoop your cat’s daily meals from this container. This way, you’ll need to open the bag less often and it will stay fresher longer. Of course, this only makes sense if the food doesn’t expire in the time it takes for your cat to finish the bag. Make sure to check the expiry date.
  3. Make fewer trips to the pet food store. Pick up an extra bag or a few more cans on your next visit. You’ll not only save a trip, you’ll save yourself some time. Just remember to check the expiry dates.


Do an inventory of the cat supplies you have on hand. Do you need canned food, dry food, litter or anything else? Plan ONE trip to buy everything at once (as well as a little extra, to reduce future trips) AND also see if you can combine this trip with another outing (eg., grocery shopping, visiting a friend, on the way home from work, etc.).