Green Little Cat

Day 4: How to Safely Dispose of Expired Pet MedicationThe 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

RecycleSymbolLgFurball has some leftover pet medication from his bouts with pancreatitis and a blocker bladder. To date, his expired mediation has been sitting in a cupboard and as I’ve moved apartments, I’ve just moved it with me. Today, I called his vet to find out what the proper procedure is for safely disposing of his pet medication.

Here’s what the pharmacist at the animal hospital had to say:

  1. If it’s liquid, do NOT pour it down the sink.
  2. Regardless of whether the pet medication consists of liquids or tablets, don’t thrown it away in the regular trash.
  3. Bring it back to the vet and they will follow the proper procedures to safely dispose of the pet medication.


  • Check to see if you have any expired or leftover medication that your cat no longer needs
  • If you do, don’t pour it down the drain and don’t throw it in the regular trash.
  • Call your vet and ask them for their recommended actions.
  • If they ask you to throw it away, I would recommend calling a local animal hospital and asking them if they will take the medication and dispose of it for you.