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Day 30: Retrospective on the 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

Wow, it’s Day 30 of the 30-Day Green Cat Challenge. Thank you for reading along for 30 days! It seems fitting to look back at the past month to see whether I succeeded in my original goal of making my eco-friendly cat just a little bit greener as well as inspiring others to do the same. Here’s a summary of my journey and what I discovered over the past month.

Organic and Natural Cat Food

I contacted the manufacturer of Furball’s cat food to ask them where their food was made and whether they would be making an organic version. They got the thumbs up on Day 11 when I read their email response. On the other end of the spectrum, I was shocked to learn that his prescription food was made by P&G and that a big conglomerate had purchased the makers of his dental treats. I’m now substituting his dental treats with Petzlife Oral Care Gel and hoping they don’t get bought out. I also learned more about Furball’s crystal condition and am going to take him to see a holistic vet to talk about his diet.

I also reviewed organic cat food, thinking it would be a greener pet food choice. However, I learned that many companies use Menu Foods to make their wet food and that quite a number of the organic brands were owned by large conglomerates. On Day 23, I learned about vegan diets for cats and confirmed that it’s not something I agree with.

Natural Pet Health

I called Furball’s vet to find out how to safely dispose of expired pet medication. The answer was to take it back to them. On Day 25, I found online resources to look for a holistic vet and a pet acupuncturist and found a couple of vets that I might take Furball to see for a check-up and also to discuss whether its feasible to take him off the prescription food.

Eco-friendly Cat Products

I found some great eco-friendly cat beds, eco-friendly cat carriers made from recycled plastic, and a recycled plastic litter box. Also, learned about natural pet odor and stain removers on Day 7.

Eco-friendly Shopping

I spent hours looking for stores dedicated to selling eco-friendly products for cats and came up with so few that I spent the next day, assembling my own eco-friendly cat product store on Amazon. This one’s a work in progress as I’d like to create a store that features products from local businesses.

Do-It-Yourself Eco-cat Projects and Eco-friendly Homemade Cat Toys

I embarked on a project to re-carpet Furball’s scratching post and published a few toys from my eco-friendly cat toy book, Make Your Own Cat Toys on Day 8, Day 15 and Day 22. I haven’t gotten any carpet scraps from yet, but I’m going to persevere.

Email Campaigns

I wrote three sample email letters for readers to send:

  1. The first letter was targeted to your pet food manufacturer telling them the importance of sourcing locally and moving to organic ingredients.
  2. The second letter went to Drs. Foster and Smith asking them why they didn’t have a green policy. I was surprised when they posted a comment on my blog within 48 hours about what they were doing to be green and I wrote about this on Day 18.
  3. I sent the third letter to PetSmart asking them why they didn’t have a green policy. That was a week ago and I haven’t heard back from them. I also called them 3 weeks earlier and the customer service representative couldn’t give me a straight answer and said she’d talk to people and email me back. Still haven’t heard a thing, so I think they need to get a stronger message that this is important. If you have a minute, could you please help out by sending them the same email? Just follow the directions listed at the bottom of the post for Day 24.

Eco-friendly Cat Shelters

On Day 27, I wrote about Angel’s Wish, an animal welfare organization in Wisconsin. They have some great green tips for animal shelters on how to be eco-friendly and also save money. On Day 28, I was inspired by the green creativity of the Animal House Jamaica and Paraiso Felino in Mexico.

Last, but not least…

I realized the importance about spreading the word to encourage others to look at how they can green their cat. So, I made an invitation that people can share with their friends and also created a Facebook Fan Page for Green Little Cat.

No need in hesitation since it’s prescribed by your doctor.

Thanks again for reading along. Go green, little cat!

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