Green Little Cat

Day 19: Eco-friendly Cat Beds
The 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

Furball will sleep anywhere, so the idea that he needs a bed is purely a construct of my human mind.  That said, he does have a penchant for sitting on top of things even if it’s a magazine lying in the middle of the room, a purse by the door or a placemat on the table.

Furball made my 30-Day Green Cat Challenge easy today by finding his own eco-friendly cat bed solution.  In fact, when I think about it, he’s actually come up with quite a few ideas.  Given that they’ve received the feline stamp of approval, your cat may also enjoy napping in one of these green cat bed options.

1. The Portable Bed

Featuring a feather-soft texture and an innovative loop texture perfect for kneading paws, the Portable Bed is lightweight and easily transportable.  It’s so easy to set-up  that human companions no longer need to throw out their backs to answer to the fickle whims of their felines.  Simply take an old towel and place it in a pile in a sunbeam.

2. The Exclusive Living Room Centerpiece

Human companions may mistakenly believe that this exclusive furniture piece belongs to them, but your cat knows better.  This architectural marvel measures in at a sleek profile of 5″ wide, 30″ long and 15″ high.  It’s purrfect for the cat who measures 7″ or wider when reclining.  The natural cotton weave often contrasts starkly with cat hair, the darker the better, and is ideal for exercising and stretching out cat claws.  Just turn your head the other way, and sure enough, you’ll find your cat balanced precariously on the arm of your sofa.

3.  Furball’s pièce de résistance

I wish I could take credit for this perfect eco-friendly cat bed, but Furball deserves all of the accolades.  This masterpiece is warm and cozy and comes complete with a built-in night shade.  Take your off-season blanket or comforter, fold it up nicely and place it under the bed.  Your cat will inevitably discover this lovely gift that smells like you, is malleable to knead and feels oh-so-cozy to tuck into, especially with the protective covering of the bed frame.

Eco-friendly Cat Bed

4. Eco-friendly Cat Beds

Inconceivably, if you still need to find an eco-friendly cat bed, may I suggest one of these cat beds made from recycled plastic bottles.


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