Green Little Cat

Day 12: Re-carpeting a Scratching PostThe 30-Day Green Cat Challenge


As you can see from this photo, Furball needs a new scratching post. The bottom of the post is practically scratched down to the board. If you look at the round hoop, you can see what the original carpet should look like. The carpet on this cat scratching post really needs to be replaced.

The easy and convenient thing to do would be to throw this out and get a new scratching post. However, this is a large cumbersome object that would take up a lot of space in the landfill, not to mention the added resources required to get a replacement scratching post.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to try to replace the carpet on the cat scratching post. Can it be done? What about the big round thing in the middle? How should we remove it? What’s the most eco-friendly way to re-carpet a scratching post? I don’t want to use glue. Nails? Staples? Are they strong enough? Will it be an easy task to put new carpet on a cat scratching post? Do I take off the old carpet before putting new carpet on the scratching post? Who knows?

In spite of all of these questions, I’m going to move ahead as part of the 30-Day Green Cat Challenge to give my cat a green makeover. The first step is to get carpet. Luckily, I have an idea on how to obtain this in the most eco-friendly asthma manner possible.

I’m placing a post on my local It’s going to say:

Wanted: Carpet remnant 2′ x 3′ – small amount needed to re-carpet a cat scratching post

If you have recently installed new carpet and have some leftover scraps, I would appreciate a small piece, about 2′ x3 ‘, preferably of a low-pile carpet (different enough to discourage the cat from scratching the regular carpet).

I’m sorry I can’t take all of your scraps and will only use new scraps (not your old carpet). However, in the spirit of freecycle, I hope you will appreciate that your carpet scrap will prevent a cat scratching post from going into the garbage and it will also reduce the resources required for purchasing a replacement. It may even have further far-reaching effects as I’m going to blog about this process of putting new carpet on my cat’s old scratching post. Hopefully this will inspire others to do the same.


  • Check out your local to learn how you can give away and get free items. Freecycle is great. I’ve given away a pedometer and matte board, and have received plastic grocery bags. There’s often great stuff being given away and the best part of using Freecyle is that you know your item is going to someone who is going to use it. So, while today’s action is not specific to your cat, you just never know — I’ve seen cat stuff being given away too :).