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Day 11: Thumbs Up to this Natural Cat Food — The 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

Breeder's Choice Pinnacle

On Day 1 of the 30-Day Green Cat Challenge, I contacted the manufacturer of Furball’s cat food to ask them where the product was sourced and manufactured and whether it was organic. It took them awhile to get back to me, but I just received the following email today.

Dear Ms. Tse:

The Pinnacle dry cat food is made at our own facility in Irwindale, CA with all ingredients from certified sources in the United States. The ingredients are all natural, but are not organic. There are no plans at this time to produce an all organic food. The canned Pinnacle foods are made at Menu Foods. The ingredients and formulas are to our specifications.

Please note, none of our foods, cat or dog, dry, canned or treats were involved in any recalls. We do not use ingredients from China, we do not use by-products of any type. All ingredients are from the human grade chain.

Breeder’s Choice

I was considering switching to an organic cat food, but given the results of my initial research, it no longer seemed like such a clear choice. Now that I know Pinnacle by Breeder’s Choice is made in the U.S. (bonus that it’s in California, where we live, so it’s even more local) from certified sources in the U.S., I think I’ll stick with this brand. This is good news, especially since Furball had the pancreatitis, he’s been more sensitive to changes in his diet. Now I can feel good about what I’m feeding him.

Note however, that I don’t buy their wet food. If I did, I would still consider switching since Menu Foods makes it. If you check out my overview of organic cat food, you’ll learn that even organic brands are made by Menu Foods. In my comparison of organic cat food, Evanger’s was the only one that I could definitely be sure was not made by Menu Foods.


  • How do you feel about what you’re feeding your cat? Do you know what he or she is eating? If not, find out and let your manufacturer know your concerns. If there’s enough consumer demand, these companies will make changes. Go to Day 1: Contact Your Cat Food Company and copy and paste the letter at the end of the post to send to the manufacturer of your cat’s food. It’s super easy. There are only six phrases you have to fill out yourself (eg., name of pet food).
  • Bookmark this post and when you hear back from the company, post the reply here by clicking the teeny little “Comments: none” link at the bottom. I think I have to look into fixing that :).
  • Talk about these issues with your friends and family who have cats AND dogs too. Pets are precious and shouldn’t have to eat crap. To share this post via email or your social networking site, click the “Share This” link.