Green Little Cat

Cat Proof Blinds That Are Eco-Friendly and Stylish

Ever have your cat chew through the cords on your window blinds?  Ever have them chew through the strings that hold the blind slats in place?  What about through the cord for the expensive Hunter Douglas blinds at the place where you’re renting?

Comfortex Roller BlindsIf your cat has been up to mischief gnawing its way through your home’s window coverings, you don’t have to resign yourself to drab cat-hair covered drapes.  Blinds are still an option and not only that, they can also be eco-friendly blinds too.

When we moved into a new home a couple of years ago, we loved the big windows in all of the rooms.  What we hadn’t factored in was that every window needed curtains or blinds.  We realized we had a dilemma if we wanted blinds because Furball is a serial cord chewer.

I wanted to move past the perpetually raised blinds with the cords wrapped up and placed far out of feline reach.  And, while curtains would work in a few rooms, I didn’t want to cover up my entire home with drapes.  I wanted the simplicity of blinds without the risk of my cat eating the cords and strings.

Fortunately, I found a stylish solution that also happened to be eco-friendly.  Comfortex makes a high-quality environmentally friendly blind that also looks  modern and stylish with clean lines and none of that pain relief fussy rustic-blind look with strings and cords dangling everywhere.  And, after two years of having the blinds in our home, I would give them two paws up for being cat-proof too.

Comfortex uses an EcoGreen™ Fabric collection for their Envision™ Roller Shades. It’s PVC-Free, 100{456796300b989ac2391159a2df073ed1ad38074dfcdb28494d5d1df8ab5972d8} recyclable and LEED certification friendly. Their EcoGreen fabrics are diverted from landfills and reclaimed and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Their roller shade comes in different levels of opacity and a variety of colours.  I personally love the sheer look for blocking out bright sunlight, and you still get natural light and privacy.  As well, instead of using string, the blinds are drawn using a very light silver chain.  Both the blind and the chain tuck away nicely in a window frame.

I was a little skeptical originally about getting roller blinds.  I couldn’t help but remember the nasty white vinyl ones we had in my childhood home.  The Envision shades roll up nicely by pulling the chain.  No need to pull and yank and hope the blind rolls up when you let go.

Besides being functional, practical, cat-proof and eco-friendly, the bottom line is that these blinds look damned good!  Hope this helps you beautify your home in eco-friendly and cat-friendly style.

P.S.  That’s not my home in the photo.  Wish I was that colour-coordinated!