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5 Halloween Treats for Your Cat

Ready for some purr-anormal fun? Then seek no further than these spookily spectacular Halloween themed eco-friendly cat toys and treats. The organic cat toys are made in the USA and filled with organic catnip, making them the perfect treat for your kitty!

1. Yeowww Halloween Pumpkin Catnip Toy

This cute jack-o’-lantern is almost too adorable to give to your kitty. It looks like a Halloween decoration, but it’s actually a 3″ pumpkin-shaped cat toy made by Yeoww, known for their fun organic catnip cat toys. This pumpkin cat toy will inspire the YEOWWW!-loween spirit in your kitty. They’re selling out fast on Amazon.

2. Imperial Cat Candy Corn Catnip Toy

imperial cat candy corn organic catnip toy
Imperial cat is known for their Scratch ‘n Shape scratchers made from recycled cardboard and also their support of local animal shelters. But they have a Holloween hit with this Candy Corn catnip toy. Its flat and tapered shape makes for a perfect wrestling toy for your kitty. She’ll grab on to this candy corn and dig away with her hind legs. The toy is filled with organic cat nip and made from a combination of soft fleece and felt. It’s a Halloween treat that your kitty will love to lick and nibble on too. You’ll find this five-star rated toy on

3. Handmade Candy Corn Catnip Toy

organic recycled cat toy
If your cat prefers smaller lighter and softer toys, then she might prefer a handmade candy corn catnip toy. These fun toys are made from recycled felt, recycled hypoallergenic fiberfill, and organic catnip. They’re made to order and you’ll find them in the Elli Baba Designs store on Etsy.

4. Organic Catnip Kicker Cat Toy

organic cat toy, wrestle toy, catnip, kicker toy
If you’ve got a larger cat, he might prefer these organic catnip kickers toys. Made in America from fun Halloween themed fabrics, these kickers are ideal for larger cats because they’re eight inches in length, and they’re stuffed with super potent organic catnip. Check out the kicker cat toys in Halloween fabrics and other fun designs.

5. Feline Greenies Dental Treats

Feline Greenies, cat treats, dental treats, review
After a fun session of playing with her new Halloween cat toys, your cat might want a Halloween treat that she can eat. Since it’s “no candy for kitty,” you can give her a dental treat instead. Feline Greenies clean teeth and freshen breath. They come in three flavors: salmon, catnip and chicken, so you’re bound to find one that your cat loves. And Feline Greenies are available in a jumbo pack, so you’ll have plenty of green treats to hand out to your kitties.

Happy Halloween!